Si può infoltire la barba? Scopriamolo!

Can a beard be thickened? Let's find out!

We know very well that growing a beard is not easy.

It takes patience, dedication and healthy habits. Everything can be summed up in one word: Grooming

Often those who decide to start this journey are not really convinced and therefore at the first difficulty (often represented by itching) they give in, take the razor and cancel the efforts of weeks , if not months!

What I want to tell you today, in a very summary way, are some "tricks" to help thicken the beard by reducing what may be some unwanted effects.

First of all, we need to understand how and what differentiates a well-groomed and thick beard from others .

We can summarize the qualities in 3 "sectors":

  1. Thickness and density : the number of hairs that grow in one cm² and their thickness naturally determine the thickness of the beard.
  2. Vivacity : thanks to the care of the hair, but above all of the underlying skin, the shine and liveliness of the beard can be significantly improved, making it lively to the fullest!
  3. Length : The length of the beard is essential. Having a long beard allows us to shape it and, in case of "empty patches", cover the so-called holes.

After this brief description of the details let's get to the heart of it and discover the 5 tricks to give a Boost to our facial hair !


Strong, robust and tall trees will never grow in arid or marshy soil.

The same goes for the beard.

If you don't take care of your face, your beard will hardly be of good quality , thick and resistant.

Cleaning and washing your face regularly with ph 5-6 cleansers (cleansers, not soaps!) will help your facial skin eliminate excess sebum, bacteria and dead cells that can cause ingrown hairs.

Furthermore, by using a good facial moisturizer , you will keep your skin healthy and nourished.

This will ensure that your "soil" is always fertile and rich in nutrients useful for the growth and development of hair follicles.


A fundamental thing you can do to improve the quality of your beard (and life in general) is to practice physical activity .

Ok, now you'll think: oh god, are we talking about sport here too?

Well yes!

Physical activity is perhaps the best natural remedy against all evils.

In particular, the latter also helps the growth and development of the beard (and hair) thanks to the regularization of the production of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) .

Simply put: doing sport increases the production of testosterone which in turn regulates the release of DHT .

An excessive or insufficient release of DHT will lead to a thinning of the hair and therefore a weakening of the latter.

Start playing sports and you will notice the difference.


Integrating a correct diet could really give a boost to your beard and hair.

Unfortunately, we are unable to assimilate the right amount of vitamins and nutrients needed to improve the coat on a daily basis through food.

The fundamental elements are: copper, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B, iron, vitamin D and vitamin E.

Furthermore, Biotin is also recommended every day to make the beard grow thicker and more uniform.

The latter is ideal in cases of " beards with holes ".

Now you will think: “ oh my God, how much stuff should I take?

Don't worry, there are multivitamin supplements that contain all these nutrients in a single tablet.

4 – REST ( naturally after training)

Round and round it always comes into play: Testosterone , the growth hormone fundamental for the development of the entire organism.

Sleeping at least 8 hours a day helps the body regenerate the right dose of testosterone (perhaps lowered after a long day of stress).

It is scientifically proven that sleeping only 5/6 hours a day inhibits production by around 15% , and this will be reflected in the quality of hair, hair and... come on, you know what I'm talking about!


Practice what Americans call “ Grooming ”.

Take care of your beard, nourish it and wash it with dedicated shampoos and hydrate it with Jojoba-based oils .

Cosmetics , if well formulated and with the right ingredients, can significantly help strengthen hair from the root, giving volume and shine.

These were some little tips to help your beard, hair and person in general.

All the precautions written in this short article should become an integral part of everyone's life .

Practicing sports, taking care of your skin and resting are the basis of living in a healthy and better way.

We often spend hundreds of euros on clothes or accessories but we forget to take care of the only true "dress" that will stay with us forever: our body .

Having said that, I hope that these tips are useful to you and that you manage to apply at least one of them.

I assure you that you will notice the difference!!

PS Small disclaimer to be cautious: “The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. The information contained is not intended and must not in any way replace the direct doctor-patient relationship or the specialist visit. It is recommended to always seek the opinion of your doctor and/or specialists regarding any indication reported.”
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