Le donne preferiscono l'uomo barbuto?

Do women prefer bearded men?

“Women like rough, bearded men”

But will it be true?

Let's be honest, on first dates we always try to be the best version of ourselves.

We show off that new dress, take the car to be washed (those bottles scattered around the seats are certainly not the best) and go to the barber a few hours before to be as presentable as possible.

How do we cut their hair? Do you keep your beard or do we remove it?

These are the questions that my father often asks me and one answer always remains unchanged: " I don't shave my beard!


Because I like it and let's be honest, women really like it too.

But at this point what I think is: is it a popular thought or do women actually prefer bearded men?

With this Hamlet-like doubt buzzing around in my head I decided to do some research and the answer was a real surprise!

Read the article to the end (I promise I won't go on too long) to discover all the details of women's tastes when it comes to beards.

In 2020 two university researchers/professors , probably while they were at their barber undecided whether to shave or not, had the brilliant idea of ​​creating a study regarding the question that most concerns bearded men: “Do women like beards? If so, what should it be like?”

And so, after a first initial chat, Barnaby J. Dickson (Professor of Psychology at USD Sydney) and Robert C. Brooks (Professor of Sociology at UNSW Sydney) decided to delve deeper into the discussion.

They took a sample of 10,000 women (78.3% European, 8.3% Asian, 3.9% Native American, 1.5% African, 7.7% undefined) and showed them photos of the same man but with different beard length levels by asking them which they preferred:

  • shaved to zero
  • growth after 5 days
  • growth after 10 days
  • growth after 6 months.

The result did not surprise their expectations: women prefer men with a beard!

But let's see in detail which type is the favorite and why

What immediately catches the eye is the fact that most women find men with beards attractive and that, as their length increases, the masculinity perceived by the female sex also increases .

By far the preferred type of beard is one with a length of around 10 days , both for short or long relationships and in terms of attractiveness.

Men without beards , according to the women who participated in the study, are less attractive and masculine (to read the full research article click HERE ).

Another interesting statistic is that conducted by the American men's clothing store AdonisClothing .

The marketing manager suspected that the clothes advertised by models with full beards were selling more than those without, and therefore had the brilliant idea of ​​starting a test lasting 15 days (around 70% of their site's customers are female sex).

They added, with photo editing programs, beards to the photographs of shaved models and vice versa and, after approximately 36,000 accesses to the site, they noticed how 40% of sales moved together with facial hair!

Products that now had photos of bearded models increased sales by 36% at the expense of those that now had "smooth" models.

So the female users of the site let themselves be influenced by the presence of the beard, rather than the quality or aesthetics of the garments!

To date, the AdonisClothing site only uses models with beards or mustaches for its products.

In conclusion, I hope that this brief chat has been useful to you and, above all, that it has convinced you a little to undertake a "journey" towards the world of bearded people .

Having a thick and well-groomed beard can be scary at first because it might take time, but it will definitely bring its benefits!

And let's be honest, science and research aside, there are thousands of real-life examples that support the idea that Bearded is better.

To convince you, I leave you a photo of the famous actor Jason Momoa (best known for the roles of Aquaman and Khal Drogo) with and without a beard... I think it's clear to everyone which version is the best!

Sorry Jason for using a clean-shaven photo of you, but science needed it!

Start taking care of your beard today and let it grow, you won't regret it.

As a wise old man (certainly with a nice long beard) said: "Better late than never"

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