Birra e Barba: un connubio perfetto!

Beer and Beard: a perfect combination!

Last Saturday I took an evening walk with a friend downtown.

Spring has finally arrived so why not take advantage of it and stay outdoors?

You meet some friends, have a chat and have a beer... because let's face it, you never miss that!

Outside the pub we see a poster: BEER FESTIVAL NEXT THURSDAY!

Perfect. I love beer and the festival was focused on different beers from around the world, one more opportunity to enjoy new ones.

And then that poster was so inviting...

Let's play a game , I'll give you a few seconds to imagine the design of the poster...

Well, now I'll tell you something, you guessed it!

Black background, orange theme and big man with a beard drinking from a mug (I'm getting thirsty writing the article...).

You will tell me nothing new. You're right, that's exactly what I thought too.

But why are we so used to associating beer with beards , and beards with beer , in what seems to be a perfect marriage ?

It cannot be a coincidence that during village fairs, festivals and events related to the world of beer, faces with beards are associated or that there are competitions on the latter at the same time.

In the next lines I will tell you how this combination has matured over the centuries.

Before starting, however, I want to tell you something that may seem really strange...

The best beer in the world was made with a beard

You read it right and I know it will seem absurd to you but hold on tight because what I'm about to tell you is an incredible story.

So if you want to open a beer, pour it and make yourself comfortable.

Centuries ago a famous Master Brewer had incredible success thanks to his unique and popular beer, to the point of being recognized as one of the world's leading experts in this sector.

His secret, which remained unknown for a long time, was discovered after centuries: his beer was the best because it was made with his beard!

It may seem like a made up story but I assure you it has some truth.

For a long time the Master Brewer did not cut his beard, resulting in the development of a particular yeast used for brewing .

An attempt born almost by chance which later revealed itself as an incredible successful experiment.

If until now you found it interesting to understand why certain men decide to grow long beards, now it will be even more incredible to understand how they decide to create a beer with them.

Furthermore, in recent years, " Barbershops " have become increasingly common and appreciated throughout the world, even if historically they appeared many years ago.

In fact, in recent times, especially thanks to social media, a real trend is taking hold: serving beer to customers who are waiting their turn.

What might seem like a simple service makes customers' experience at barbershops unique and pleasant, making them a familiar and welcoming place where they can relax and have a chat with those who are waiting like us.

Furthermore, let's be honest: our barber can already be considered a sort of consultant/psychologist , if you then have a nice cold beer alongside him it becomes perfect!

A non-random association, which combines the passion for beards and taking care of oneself with the pleasure of drinking a beer in company.

They could have chosen anything, but they chose beer!

Here we are at the end of the article, thank you if you have read this far but now I'll cut...

All this writing has made me thirsty!

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